Nookie Wood is an imaginary place and a state of mind. It is also, and fundamentally, the project of a mother and daughter, Jos Rin and Brenda Rin, whose passion for design, fashion and creativity in its widest sense has united to give life to a firm of exclusive dresses, with Unique models and artisanal dresmaking. Nookie Wood garments, created with love and affection by Jos and Brenda in their studio-workshop in Barcelona, ​​are comfortable and versatile.


"Post Nox", his first collection, was a burst of light and color, a flash of that positive energy with which the day embraces us to forget the darkness of the night. Lightweight fabrics and timeless designs, inspired by old dresses designed and made by Jos Rin for her first stores in the early 70's. Revised patterns to take us to a place we surely will not want to return to.


With their second collection "Träume Mit Mir" we were asked to dream, to return to that place unknown and magic to enjoy their clothes again. With a much softer color chart but with the same idea to inspire us in old dresses with a fresh touch, this time Nookie Wood was in charge of designing the prints and thus get an exclusive garment.


Now, with "Color Field", the third collection of the brand, we return to that universe of color. Pieces with timeless designs and exclusive prints designed by and for Nookie Wood.


If you're looking to find, A place to hide

Where the climate is cool, And the river is wide

Down in the nookie wood